Cleaning Solar Panels

Why Rain Is Not Enough For Solar Panel Cleaning?

Rain provides a good rinse to the solar panels, to remove any loosely accumulated dirt, but it certainly leaves behind a significant amount of dirt that has been embedded in the solar panels in the past few months. Rain can benefit solar panel cleaning if only the pours are at the right angle, which is not in our control. Not only this, but also, there is no denying the fact that rain itself contains dirt particles that tend to settle on the solar panels. And even if it rinses off a bit of dirt, the part of the panel which is left shaded, the other cells would force the current to it, thereby heating it for a lesser efficiency of the solar panels.
Solar panels and city

How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

There are different solar panel structures, and set ups, and considering our quality experience, we take pride in saying that we cater to all kinds of panels. Hence, according to the structure of the solar panel, and the environment it is being exposed to, we can determine the most appropriate frequency of getting your solar panels cleaned by experts. In general, your solar panels should be cleaned at least once in a 6-month time frame.

Our team specializes in giving your solar panels an immaculate clean, as per the requirement of the solar panel structures, and therefore, ensuring that you get continuous return on your investment.

What We Use For Cleaning?


We use contra–rotating disc brushes, that enable us to give your photovoltaic systems, a safe and an efficient clean. The rotating disc brushes are attached to the telescopic lances of various lengths and are channeled with water through the pressure washer. 

The fact that the pressure washer for disc rotating brushes only requires to be at low pressure, it does not damage the photovoltaic systems at all. Low pressure is used because the cleaning is not done solely by water, but with the rotating disc bristles, hence, safeguarding the modules whilst cleaning them.

Disc Rotating brushes Normal Brushes


Normal brushes are not feasible when it comes to cleaning the solar panels efficiently.

Not only does it require a lot of manual effort, but also, it is unable to provide a perfect clean to the modules. On the contrary, our rotating disc brushes are exclusively designed to carry out solar cleaning and are use the latest technology to operate. The latter run by motor and can clean larger systems irrespective of their size and type of setup, whereas, normal brushes can only clean till a certain extent.


The filtered water that has no presence of ions, is the de-ionized water. We use de-ionized water to clean the panels, as it is environmentally sustainable, and offers cleanest panels that can produce maximum output and are efficient enough to give you the return on your investment.

When solar panels encounter hard water, the latter leaves a lime residue, thereby reducing the performance of the photovoltaic systems. However, the de-ionized water does not allow the lime residue to certain and removes it efficiently so that no lime marks can appear. It is reliable, result-oriented, safe and an expert choice!

However, the major benefit of its use is the spot and blemish-free finish. We don’t use harsh chemicals or soap to clean the solar panels.