Made an investment that has now become a potential threat? 

One out of every five Australian homes has adopted the technology of solar panels. It slashes your energy bills by 80%. But with feral Birds and vermin nesting under the solar panels, the same has caused deterioration to the efficiency of the panel and poses a threat to you and your family. 

Effective and regular cleaning is key to maintaining the quality of your solar panels or gutters. Your solar panels have become a breeding ground for birds. It helps them escape the scorching heat of the sun and leaves them inaccessible from the predators. As a result, your panels are littered with dry grass, eggs, dead birds, and debris, posing a health and fire risk to you. 

We are Melbourne’s best and most affordable bird proofing solution

Poor system performance leads to a loss of financial return on your solar investment and increases insurance coverage on you. 

Bird Proofing utilizes High-Quality Solar Guards that eliminate birds or vermin from nesting and debris form. This exclusion system is humane and a smart solution that protects the solar panel system. 

The Solar Mesh Guard Kit we use is made from PVC coated galvanized stainless steel. The mesh is then secured with proprietary designed nylon fasteners to form an effective physical barrier around the solar panel. This simple and secure installation is done without damaging or voiding the solar panel warranty. 

Throw caution to the wind because Bird proofing your solar panels does not require you to sleep with an eye open or clean a very disagreeable and unpleasant roof anymore. 

“I had no idea that I could see such a big difference with my Solar System after getting it bird proofed.”